Belt conveyors for the transportation of packages, cartons and bundles

Belt conveyors with packages deflation devices

Belt conveyors with metal detector and automatic rejecting device with collection box

Belt conveyors with stamping cartons station

Gravity roller of motorized roller coveyor for the transportation of cartons and bundles

Tapered or motorized roller conveyors from 30° up to 180° for cartons and bundles

Roller shutter conveyors

Modular belt conveyors

Orhogonal shifter with positive action for cartons and bundles

Passive shifter for cartons and bundles

Comb shaped elevators for cartons and/or bundles Mod. EV/10

Continuous elevators for cartons and bundles Mod. EVC/25

Motorized roller conveyors and chain driven for pallets

Orthogonal shifter for pallets

Pallets rotating platforms

Special diverters

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