Complementary systems modules

MOD. CCH – Cover application module systems

Completely autonomous machine modules that can be installed at the end of a packing system, even on existing system. When the application of the cover is not required, the system can be by-passed. Is it possible to provide the two following versions of this module:


MOD. CCH/4F:  Production capacity up to 11 cartons per minute
MOD. CCH/4FV:  Production capacity up to 20 cartons per minute

Mod. R180 – 180° Carton Rotation Systems

System modules, to be installed mainly after the module for the cover application, having the optional functionality to reverse the filled cartons with cover, to allow the palletizing with the display tray at the bottom. When not required, the system can be bypassed.

Mod. H300-500 – Verticalization of full cartons

Machine modules to be installed at the end of an automatick packing system with side loading, to allow the verticalization of the carton with a 90° rotation of the full cartons.

Shape-control system

Machine modules, integrated with the cartons checkweigher if required, allowing to check any abnormal opening of the top and bottom flaps of the full cartons coming from the packing system, with the automatic ejecting of any deformed carton.

Long pasta and similar merging system

Coming from two, three or four packaging machines, for the feeding of a single entry channel automatic packing system.This modules allows to merge the packages coming from two or more low-capacity packaging machines, for the feeding of a downstream higher production capacity packing system.

Mod. IAB20/50 – Cupping and coupling for packages of disposable cups

Autonomous system that can be installed between the packaging machine for packaging plastic cups and the automatic cartoning system, for the optional coupling of in line glasses of less than 100 pieces per package after pressing, in order to reduce the height of the cartons.

Disposable cups merging systems

Useful for feeding of an automatic packing system with single entry channel. This merging system allows, in a context of high production capacity lines, the use of two packaging system with a single automatic cartoning machine. This system is realized according to the specific logistic requirements.

Automatic empty pallet dispenser

This module allows, in a context where the picking of the empty pallets is not made by robots, to picking from the bottom of the empty pallets to be sent at the system.

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